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 E. coli outbreak expands to 98 cases in 22 states, 48 people hospitalized, 10 in kidney failure

 Several lawsuits against Motel 6 for exposing customers to ICE agents

 8th child dies from defective Ikea dresser


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 The Alternatives to Bankruptcy

 According to a leading do it yourself web site, there are several alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. Sometimes it is unavoidable, however given the fact that it stays on your record for some seven to ten years its good to know there are some other options available to your family. Most of the suggestions are fairly obvious, but in these uncertain times and the desperate need for help many families face, we wanted to reiterate the possible solutions:

 - reduce expenses. The most obvious yet the most difficult to do in many cases.

 - negotiate rates with lenders and credit companies. It never hurts to ask. Most of the time they want to help you, but be cautious as they will want something in return that benefits them. You must stay on top of any payment arrangements you make or lose the deal all together.

 - sell assets. Simply by checking your attic you may find valuable collectibles or items to sell on Ebay or to local antique/second hand stores.

 - get a second job or start a home based business for additional income. You may want to check your local community calendar or small business administration on how to start a small business or online business for no or little start up costs. Have a great family recipe, then sell that product to local store or on the internet.

 -Finally, talk to a non-profit credit counselor for additional tips and suggestions. These professional work free of charge and may be able to assist you stay out of bankruptcy.


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Battery Dangers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a strong warning regarding button and coin sized batteries. Studies have shown a huge increase in the number of injuries and fatalities as a result of children swallowing these small size batteries. The battery will get stuck in the child's throat or intestine resulting in a chemical discharge that will burn. This burning can destroy the esophagus or damage a blood vessel which results in internal bleeding. Many of these incidents can be misdiagnosed. Symptoms are similar to many children's problems including upset stomach and fever. Or even show no initial symptoms at all.

The CPSC warns parents to properly discard batteries; do not allow children to play with small batteries; never put batteries in your mouth; and seek immediate medical attention if a battery is swallowed or you suspect your child swallowed one.

This applies to small children primarily under age 4 and elderly adults who use hearing aids and can mistake batteries for medications.

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New cases

The Law Offices of William Bonilla, P.C. is accepting serious injury and wrongful death cases, including 18 Wheeler accidents and bus crashes. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured please contact us for immediate assistance. We will fight for the justice you deserve!


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